LOWDOSE exemplifies a lifestyle that celebrates elegance and adventures in the everyday women.

Our jewellery is curated for those with an eye for the unique, worthy of the ladies that exudes confidence and sophistication. Featuring the finer quality from exquisite delicates to contemporary statements, one that will transcend all seasons and trends, there is always a piece for everybody.

LOWDOSE’s identity is a demonstration of an aesthetic balance, a reflection of who we are and what we stand for that is rooted in our core. The name came about with the intention to provide a symmetry in fashion. Presenting the duo style in our pieces range from the classic to the contemporary, we hope they will be a constant inspiration for an expression of the individualistic —— a display of character through the designs.

Premium quality & delicate craftsmanship.

Most of our designed jewelleries are made from 925 sterling silver — meant for durable, hypoallergenic and luxurious comfort, specially crafted by artisans from Korea. With trust in their delicate craftsmanship and excellent techniques, we turn daily dose of inspiration to these beautiful wearable art. In the nature of these pieces being handcrafted, every single one of them is presented in its own distinct manner —— encompassing minor quirks and flaws. But for that same reason, each piece still holds its own innate charm, exuding character and depth.

Handcrafted, not mass produced.

Reasonably priced demi-fine jewellery.

Here at LOWDOSE, we wish to break barriers between women and fine jewellery. Every woman deserves quality material and to be their own kind of beautiful without the compromise either quality or price. We aim to offer quality pieces at an honest and affordable price.

Behind the brand.

Started by founder Elise, LOWDOSE is a translation of her travel inspirations.

Elise was a travel magazine reporter post-graduation. Her job has allowed her to frequently travel to many destinations which sparked her interest in different cultures and objects. These experiences have shaped her world view and sense of aesthetic.

Thereafter, she has taken up the switch to become a model booker at Basic Models. Working with models during Fashion Week and on projects exposed her to the vast spectrum of fashion styles across the globe. Since then, she has been curating wearable pieces to express her story of how the world is presented to her. LOWDOSE shares Elise’s version and now, she shares it with the world.