If you are an avid follower of the Chinese horoscope, you would know that 2019 is the Year of the Earth Boar. So, it is vital that your colour choices reflect the elements of Fire and Metal – what with them being complementary to Earth, in order to balance your energy flow in this new year.

To break it down, it simply means that the general lucky colours for 2019 should represent either a burning flame or shiny materials. Think warm hues like red, orange and pink for fire, while subtle shades like white, cream and silver for metal.

Each zodiac has its own auspicious shade this 2019, find out our picks according to your horoscope!


Ever the social butterfly and the life of the party, it is only befitting that Aquarians don a colour that is just as outspoken as they are. Enter ultramarine blue; the colour that stimulates thinking outside of the box. It also encourages individualism and socialism with others – something that Aquarians are a huge fan of.

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Also known as the twin fishes, Pisces cannot seem to dissociate themselves from its prominent association with aqua blue colours. Aqua blue is known to represent communication, honesty, cultivation of internal reflection and empathy. This will be especially important for Pisceans in the upcoming year who may feel like there are incoming challenges that may halt their creativity.

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Aries has always had a natural affiliation with the colour red. Known as Aries’ lucky colour and the focal colour of Aries’ planet, Mars, it embodies and intensifies all of Aries’ passion, energy and fiery nature a true fire sign. Red is also a colour known for thrilling romance and a competitive spirit – things the Aries are the epitome of.

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White is an exceptional colour at inviting calmness and relaxing people. It is also the colour that is widely-known to symbolise purity and innocence. Especially in the case of Taurus’ planet Venus – which is easily inflamed, white helps to calm down the frustrations of Taurians. It also helps to temper back any bad habits and aid in resisting temptation. Style tip: acrylic pieces are all the rage right now.

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The happy-go-lucky Geminian can benefit much from the vibrancy of orange in 2019 as it helps to attract additional cheer while boosting a Geminian’s own strengths and mentality. Orange is also known as a social colour, making it easier for the amicable Geminian to increase their social circles in 2019.Slingback Pointed Block Heeled Shoes in Orange, from Glamorous @ ASOS


Silver is often associated with the moon. In Feng Shui, silver is also associated with the element of metal which gives off a cleansing and sharp energy. Likewise, silver often represents modernism and clarity. This makes it an excellent colour for the often mentally and emotionally focused Cancerian.

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Known as the colour of royalty, purple helps to embody the regality and steadfast nature of a Leo. Aptly so, as the lion is the King of jungle. Purple also tends to represent wisdom and wealth. Purple is often seen as an intimidating colour to pull off, but the fearless Leo should be able to rock it with their own flair.

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Unlike its bright scarlet counterpart or brownish red, wine red is often considered more sophisticated and mature due to its hint of purple. This suits the Virgo’s enhanced maturity and logical minds. Wine red also helps to add a boost of colour to the lives of Virgos in 2019 without being too disruptive or appearing too gaudy.

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Libras are all about that balance. Navy blue is a colour that represents both the sky and the sea — striking the perfect balance between the transient nature of the sky and the grounded wisdom of water. Navy blue is also a colour that represents free speech, wisdom and most importantly, fairness. Like all other blues, it carries an inherent calming and soothing effect. The strong shade of navy blue imbues it with a much stronger sense of confidence and forward-thinking.

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While it is encouraged that most other signs use black minimally – since it is such a strong and intimidating colour, it is quite the opposite for the mysterious and beautifully divine Scorpio though. Ruled by Mars, it is only Scorpio that truly understands the beauty and hidden strength of the colour black for 2019. Black is an introspective and protective colour.

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Sagittarians live for bright colours and this year, neon green is a colour set to bring you luck and fortune. Not to mention, neon green has also made its comeback with social media stars like Kylie Jenner repping it hard.

Green is also the colour of the heart chakra, a chakra that represents things such as love, expressing your creative spirit, generosity and friendship — all the things that Sagittarians are known for. At the same time, the bright neon colour makes you stand out amongst the rest.

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Born under the ruling planet of Saturn, Capricorns have always been known for their inherent professionalism. Many may mistakenly call grey boring, just like how they may mistakenly call Capricorns boring at first glance. But truth is, both you and the colour aren’t boring, you just know when is the right time to have fun and when you need to put your big girl shoes on!

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