Here’s a guide to caring for your jewellery — to help keep your favourite pieces looking at their best:

  • We recommend removing your jewellery when showering, exercising, swimming and carrying out household chores.
  • Jewellery can be affected from the exposure of various chemicals and alcohol in your beauty and body products. Therefore, do refrain from applying perfume, lotion or other cosmetic products when the jewellery is being worn. Your jewellery should always come in as your final adornment when dressing.
  • Always store your unworn jewellery at a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight. Keep the jewellery separately in the pouch provided or airtight bag to prevent oxidation.

925 Sterling Silver:

  • A polishing cloth will be provided for every purchase of 925 collection. Any oxidation may be removed with the silver polishing cloth. To clean, buff gently with the silver polishing cloth using a straight, back-and-forth motion. We recommend you to clean your jewellery on a regular basis.


Gold Vermeil / Gold or Silver Plated Jewellery:

  • Do not use the silver polishing cloth on gold vermeil / gold or silver jewellery as the polishing action will strip away the plating. Instead, use a soft, non-abrasive cotton cloth to remove dirt and restore shine.


Each and every piece from LOWDOSE collection is one of a kind and a little bit of tender loving care can go a long way.